Carpet Stains

The flooring experts at Carpet One Huntsville share with you the best tips to treat difficult carpet stains. 

Tips to remove carpet stains

Finally! You have that beautiful carpet you have been dreaming for a long time. Then, your worst fear became a reality, you spotted a stain. Relax! Accidents happen, and the flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home in Huntsville, AL, have you covered with all the easy tips you need to know that will help you remove those difficult stains in a breeze. From dealing to common accidents like removing coffee, red wine or nail polish, we are sure these tips will come in handy. 

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The Blotting Technique

The rule is simple: always blot, never rub. Why? Because rubbing drives the stain deeper into the carpet. Wet stains should blot up quickly from stain-resistant carpets. Dry or greasy stains will need a little more work. As soon as a stain strikes, grab a dry paper towel and blot around the edges of the stain and gradually move from the outside to the inside. After your first round drying the stain, get a new paper towel and repeat the process.

Say NO to printed towels!

Use white non-printed paper towels or cloth towels. Printed designs can transfer to your carpet and create another stain.

Always review your warranties

Check your warranty. Make sure you check your warranty for any restrictions on cleaning products and always test products on a small spot that is out of the way or usually covered by furniture. 

Learn more tips and tricks!

Ketchup, chewing gum, ice cream, mustard... you name it! Discover here how to tackle these stubborn stains with our tips.