Creative Backsplash Ideas

Get your creativity on with all these backsplash ideas!

Backsplash Tile

Whether you are working on a full kitchen renovation, or you simply realized your backsplash area was dull and in disrepair, a new background behind your sink and the counter area can completely shake up the tone of the room. Brighten up a darker space that features dark wood floors and cabinets, or add an intensely hued pattern to give the place a little more subdued if your walls are a bright color and the room features lots of light.  Regardless of your kitchen's aesthetic needs, tile backsplash ideas offer you an easy solution.  

While your tile backsplash design serves a practical purpose in protecting the wall from food debris that splashes from the sink, stove top, or counter, it also gives you the chance to let your imagination roam freely. Choosing flooring, cabinets, and countertops often involve a slightly more pragmatic decision-making approach, as well as compromises with your partner, but backsplash tiles give you more freedom to let loose and choose something that appeals to your whimsical side. 

Consider these ideas and spark your creativity: 

Subway Backsplash Tiles: Originally most frequently used in commercial settings, such as restaurants and actual subway stations, more residential kitchen designers are choosing subway tile designs to spruce of their kitchens. These ceramic tiles have come a long way, regarding colors and original patterns, and they can make a substantial and classic impact, with a modern twist, in any kitchen.  

Mosaic Tiles as Backsplash: Mosaic tiles offer you a stunning range of artistic choices for your backsplash. Choose tiles made from a combination of materials such as glass and porcelain. The color scheme is where your imagination can soar. Select tiles that feature multiple colors swirled together, solid colors, and pretty much anything you can conjure for a truly unique kitchen backdrop. 

Additional styles you can choose include tin, stainless steel, and metal backsplash tile designs. Talk to one of our experts today for a one-of-a-kind tile backsplash ideas.