Granite Countertops

All you need to know about granite

Granite is a wonderful countertop material that can suit almost any style and last practically forever with proper care. Being a natural material, there are some basic considerations when selecting a granite countertop that are unique. Read on to find out everything you need to know to have a granite installation to satisfy for years to come.

The Natural Choice

First be aware, and this may not be a concern unless you’re a geology buff, that granite is a specific type of volcanic rock that’s normally pink, red, gray or white. Some of the other fine materials include recycled glass and engineered stone. The important thing is to know what you’re getting and what its usage and maintenance needs are. The benefits of a granite countertop include resistance to heat and mold, beautiful natural patterns and accommodation of sink styles. Being made of quartz and other hard minerals makes it durable and resilient.

Making Granite Your Own

If you know granite is for you, an important consideration is how the colors and patterns will complement your overall kitchen plan. Most retailers offer digital swatches and samples, but try to get a good idea of how a particular slab will look in your own setting. Granite’s natural variation make it that much more important to experience how it will interact with the other elements of the kitchen. Your plans for a back splash, the flooring and walls are important to consider. As a general rule darker slabs would be more sophisticated, with lighter hues creating more of an easy-going, summery feel.

Before you go to select your granite countertop, be sure to figure out the surface area you need, and also the length of exposed edge. There may be a cost to finish the edge if you want more than a basic square profile. Cutouts may have a cost also. Consider a thinner slab to cut down on cost if possible. And make sure you know exactly what is provided for each quote and that it matches what needs to happen so you avoid unpleasant surprises when installation time comes.