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Hardwood Flooring Guide

Hardwood is a classic choice for most homeowners still. Its natural beauty and longevity prove time and again that hardwood floors are a durable choice. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Huntsville we carry only the best kinds of hardwood to choose from for our customers. That means you have the ability to choose from both name brand and exclusive Carpet One Floor & Home brand options.

Hardwood floors are a classy way to finish your home with a warm, personal material. However, it takes commitment to careful selection and some regular maintenance. Fortunately, there are more well-made, affordable and beautiful types of hardwood flooring available than ever.

Expert Advice - Hardwood Styles

Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some information on all the different looks and style available in hardwood floors.

Types of Hardwood

The wood species and how its cut is a big part of choosing hardwood types. Some trees are known for abundant knots and interesting grain, while others are clearer. Staining helps get a desirable color but much of your hardwood floor’s character depends on that initial choice of hardwood type and the individual boards used. When it comes to design, there’s no substitute for the in-person experience. Seeing a wood with your own eyes and feeling the texture is vitally important. 

What is The Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood?

Solid hardwood is, just as its name describes, one solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness of the plank can vary, which helps to determine durability. Solid hardwood performs best when installed above or on grade, and can even be sanded and refinished. Engineered hardwood floors are made of multiple real wood veneers whose grains run in different directions in order to increase stability. This allows the floors to resist expanding and contracting during weather changes. Engineered planks can also be refinished to extend their life in your home. 

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Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?

Sure, you want start every day with the hardwood floor of your dreams. But there’s more to flooring design than great-looking wood. Consider its placement and use in the home. If you expect heavy traffic or children playing on it this will increase the amount of wear. Will you live in fear of dropped toys dinging your perfect hardwood floor? Hardwood is ranked using the Janka score, which gives you some idea of the resistance to denting of different types of hardwood- higher is harder. Keep in mind that the scores may not translate between different manufacturers and flooring sources.

Our Hardwood Selection

Continue reading below to learn more about hardwood floors, and be sure to visit our showroom location in Huntsville, AL and see firsthand out hardwood product selection. Since we're part of the Carpet One cooperative, we have exclusive brands such as Rustic River™, Invincible™ Hardwood, and Voyager™.

  1. Rustic River hardwood

    Rustic River emphasizes wood's natural character.

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  2. Invincible Hardwood

    Invincible Hardwood offers premium durability.

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  3. Voyager wood flooring

    Voyager offers bamboo and cork flooring.

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Learn More About Hardwood

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Engineered Hardwood

When it comes to choosing a new hardwood floor for your home, you can trust us as your local professionals to help you find the best hardwood flooring for your home. Follow the link below to learn more about our engineered hardwood selection.

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Hardwood Refinishing

If you have hardwood flooring in your home that you are not ready to part with yet, then consider giving us a call for hardwood refinishing services.

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