There is no doubt, natural stone floors are beautiful. They are naturally cool, hard surfaces that are ideal for the warmer climates. In addition, they do not harbor allergens or dust. Before you decide which type of residential natural stone you want in your home, make sure you understand the differences between all your options to make sure you find the best fit for your home. If you want to install natural stone flooring in a high traffic area, such as the mud room, kitchen, or bathroom, you will want to select a hard, dense natural stone that is nonporous, for instance, slate or granite. Softer flooring, such as limestone, marble, or travertine, need regular frequent applications of sealant and regular cleaning to help prevent staining.

Types of Stone Flooring

There are several types of natural stone you can choose from for your home. If you want stone floors throughout your home, there is a natural stone for every room.


Granite is available in hundreds of different varieties, this in-demand residential stone can be flamed for a slip resistant surface if used in kitchens and bathrooms.


Is known for its natural, stone appearance, it is created from sedimentary materials, such as shells coral. This natural stone can be sanded so it is perfectly smooth giving it a refined look.


Is crystallized, partly metamorphosed limestone and is frequently mistaken for marble.


Is a porous natural stone that is usually chosen for the formal areas of your home. You can select from tiles or slabs, they come in numerous colors, depending on where they were quarried. Slabs or tiles come in several colors. Some pieces of marble are softer than others and may scratch easily, so be sure to find out before you have marble installed in your home.


A rustic characteristic residential stone that is available in irregular shapes and geometric shapes. Slate is typically a soft red, dark gray, or medium green.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have been used for homes for many years. They are created by cutting boulders and or slabs of the rock into squares or rectangles. Installing stone tiles is very difficult. Discuss with one of our professionals at Carpet One Huntsville all your installation concerns.