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Hardwood flooring close-up with stain and brushes

Hardwood Refinishing Services in Huntsville, AL 

Hardwood floor refinishing is essential to keeping your floors looking as good as new. Whether you're trying to restore your home to its historic beauty, remodeling, or simply needing a change, hardwood refinishing is a wonderful and worthy investment. 


 At Carpet One Floor & Home of Huntsville, AL, we're your local flooring experts and can help you maintain gorgeous hardwood floors at every stage. 



If you have heard about the refinishing process but aren’t sure if it is time to do it at home, look at the most common questions before making any decisions. 



Is It Time To Refinish My Hardwood Floor? 

Has your hardwood floor seen better days? Spoiler alert: it's bound to happen sooner or later. 


Hardwood floors must be refinished because the surface finish wears away over time. Your floor will be susceptible to permanent damage from spills and stains without a proper finish. 


How do you know when it's time to refinish? It's easy: you can perform a simple test at home.


Place a drop of water on the surface of your hardwood floor. If the water beads on the surface, refinishing is not yet necessary. However, if the water is absorbed into the floor’s surface, then refinishing is needed. We want to highlight that if the drop of water is consumed immediately, it’s crucial to have the floors refinished as soon as possible. 



What's The Refinishing Process Like? 

Refinishing your hardwood floor is a multi-step process that can get messy at times!


To refinish your hardwood floors, several necessary steps are required, with several variations depending on which type of hardwood you have: 




Can I Refinish My Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Floor? 

The short answer is no, at least not in a traditional sense.


Hardwood floors are a natural product made from natural wood, which can be sanded, repainted, and completely transformed multiple times over its lifespan.


On the other hand, Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring are manufactured products. There are several tactics to reseal laminate floors, but these aren’t nearly as effective as hardwood refinishing. Hard surface floor types like luxury vinyl cannot be refinished. 



Can I Refinish My Own Hardwood Floor? 

Though it might seem tempting to try it, we don't advise it.


While a skilled DIYer can sometimes successfully refinish hardwood floors, we strongly recommend relying on a professional. Each hardwood floor is unique, so refinishing is often a complicated process. Refinishing hardwood floors can be tricky and requires years of experience: it isn't a job you can learn by simply watching the latest YouTube video! 


When you trust in the experts, you're choosing peace of mind. You won't have to worry about over-sanding, selecting the wrong type of stain or color, or making a mistake that damages your floor. 



Where Can I Find The Best Hardwood Refinishing Options Near Me? 

Our local flooring store in Huntsville is your destination for the best hardwood flooring, installation, and refinishing services. From our expansive inventory of solid and engineered hardwood floors to our highly trained team of experts well-versed in the latest hardwood trends and techniques, why would you trust anyone else? 


For more information about hardwood floor refinishing, contact Carpet One Floor & Home of Huntsville at 256-270-2932 or stop by our store at 3107 North Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, AL.

Dark, freshly stained hardwood flooring in entryway with staircase.

A New Look For Your Old Hardwood Floor

Don't be sad about the state of your hardwood floor—we're here to help bring it new life! Call us today to arrange an on-site project estimate for your next hardwood refinishing project.


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