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Window Coverings


Window Treatments

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Window coverings are an essential addition to any home.

Offering a variety of products from blinds, shades, curtains,

drapes, and more to fit any window, the right window treatment

will complete a room’s design by adding a subtle accent or a bold

focal point. Window coverings will perform a variety of functions to

enhance the quality of your home in addition to adding visual appeal.

The most common function that people recognize window coverings for is controlling sunlight. This is can be important for a variety of reasons, whether it’s preventing a glare on a television screen or blocking light from waking you up when you just want to sleep in on Sunday! Preventing light from entering a room can also increase the life of your floor! Direct sunlight can cause some floors’ color to permanently fade, so it is a best practice to prevent this damage before it occurs.


Window coverings can also increase the energy efficiency of your home. They have wonderful insulating properties, which will allow them to keep warm air outside in the warm summer months and trap it inside in the cold winter. Honeycomb or cellular window treatments are especially good at insulating heat.


If you are interested in purchasing new window treatments for your home, come speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members at our showroom in Huntsville, AL.


We're proud to serve customers throughout the counties of Madison, Limestone, Morgan and Jackson, AL and Lincoln, Giles, and Franklin counties in TN!